On-line Ordering

Ok, so we don't have on-line ordering...yet, anyway.  The upside would be increased sales.  The downside is that major online shoe retailers experience a return rate of about 75%.  I've explored doing this on several occasions and the fact is we are a full service, sit and fit shoe store.  This is something you can't accomplish online.  I believe our energy is best expended within these four walls.

There are plenty of options for consumers wanting to buy shoes online.  In fact, our biggest competitors are the home sites for the very brands we represent.  While online shopping is convenient, there is just no substitute for a knowledgeable sales associate that can evaluate your situation, size you correctly,  and make recommendations for your particular needs.  While we can't offer the convenience of bringing shoes to your door with the click of a button, if you'll make the drive to see us we can offer you an inventory of about 15,000 pairs of shoes that you can actually see, touch, and try on before you buy.   There is also the good feeling you get when you can buy local at a locally owned business that also supports our community.

You cannot buy cheaper online (from a reputable source)

Because of the internet the world has become a smaller and better informed place.  Every major manufacturer now has a MAP (minimum advertised price) .  That means that while every retailer is free to sell products at whatever price they see fit, they can't advertise lower than the manufacturer's set price.  If you see lower prices online for currently produced shoes, rest assured that the seller is not an authorized retailer.  Convenience is really the only justification for buying online.  However, that convenience is quickly negated when the shoes don't fit and you have to arrange a return.  Even free returns cost time and effort.   

If you should want to order from us,maybe for another pair of a shoe you already know and love, give us a call during business hours (704-636-1850) or send us an email after hours and we'll be in touch with you to arrange payment and shipping for anything you'd like.

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