Pedorthic Services:  Custom Orthotics, Shoe Modifications

Along with quality, comfort footwear we also offer Pedorthic services such as custom orthotics and footwear modifications by appointment only.  Call to set up a consultation appointment (704-636-1850) and Ralph Baker, Jr., C.Ped., will give you a thorough evaluation to determine just what you need to make walking more comfortable


Your feet don't have to hurt!

Whether your feet roll in or out, if you have a leg length difference, heel pain, arch pain, or just can't make it through your work shift, we can help with a pedorthic solution. 

Ralph Baker, Jr. has been a board certified pedorthist for over 20 years.  

All of our custom orthotics and footwear modifications are done right here in our lab...we don't have to order from an outside lab.